Worship and Arts Ministries

Youth Choir

The youth choir is where the next few generations together sing music that expresses their love for God. The purpose of the choir is to first teach the importance of praise and worship in the life of a Christian as a response to God’s mercy, grace and all other blessings; how praise is a powerful witness to their peers; and how God responds to the praise of his children. The youth choir rehearses once per month on the Saturday before the 3rd Sunday at 11 am.

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir is the first choir formed at Tabernacle and consists of a vibrant group of seniors who love singing a wide variety of congregational songs as well as the great hymns of the church found in the Baptist Hymnal. Rehearsals are once a month on the Tuesday before the 1st Sunday at 6 pm.

Hymn Choir

The Hymn Choir sings to the glory of God a unique style of music that predates Gospel music and is deeply rooted in the African American historical experience. The music is generally A cappella and often call and response. Sometimes the leader ‘lines’ the hymn by melodiously reading or reciting the lyrics and the congregation follows with old familiar melodies. The tradition has been passed down orally through the generations at Tabernacle. For more information, contact Deacon Terry Chisholm or the church office.

Men’s Choir

The Men’s Choir exists to uplift and glorify the name of Jesus Christ by spreading the word of God through song. We exemplify Godly leadership by first engaging in worship and then inviting others to join us in worship. We are men with a testimony and song to both edify the body of Christ and witness of Christ’s goodness to those that are still lost. Rehearsals are held once per month on the Monday before the 4th Sunday at 7 pm. All men are welcome.

The Victory In Praise Mass Choir

The Mass Choir is open to all who love to express their love of God through singing. The choir is made up of a diverse group of singers from all adult ages of the church membership and specializes in traditional and contemporary choral gospel music. The mass choir strives to enhance the corporate worship experience by communicating the Gospel musically with excellence. This group serves as the select group for all special services of the church. Rehearsals are held twice monthly on the Tuesdays before the 1st and 2nd Sundays at 7 pm. All are welcome.

Praise Team

The praise team is a dedicated group of individuals gifted musically and anointed to lead the congregation into the very presence of God. This team of vocal musicians are chosen through an audition only process open to members once or twice per year. For more information, contact the Director of Worship and Arts.